Tips on how to find the exact LCD panel you need


    Usually you should provide us the LCD manufacturer’s part number in full and notebook model (often used to find compatible ones).


    Once you take broken LCD panel apart, you can find the LCD manufacturer’s part number at rear side of your LCD panel. Here is the example:

Samsung: LT141X6-122 or LTN141X7-L01

LG Philips: LP141XA or LM150X3-A2

Toshiba: LTD141EN9B

AU: B150XG01 or UB141X02


    Some times the panel with the exact part number is rare in the market or the price is too high, the alternative you have is to get a compatible one. Many panels in fact are compatible with each other. Some panels are fully compatible and some are compatible with very minor difference.  If we can’t find the identical panel for you, we will suggest you to take the compatible one. Of course we take the responsibility in compatibility.



About shipping

uses third parties delivery services for our goods and the goods will be delivered to the address provided by the customers directly. The delivery company provides all of the delivery time range and it usually takes 3-5 working days to reach most destinations in the world.



Warranty policy

    There is a six months to one year warranty (depends on the quality) on the LCD panels provided by us from the date you receive them. Any defect found during the warranty period should be reported to us by e-mail or phone call within one week. Of course we are not responsible for any defect caused by the purchasers.


   Usually, we don’t accept any return other than defect for free. Buyer should make sure the correctness of LCD manufacturer’s part number before confirming the order.  


  We will put on warranty label at the rear side of LCD panel. Actual warranty period is counted from your actual receiving date. You should not try to fix any defect by yourself. Broken warranty label will cause warranty to be ceased automatically.



Privacy notice

    We will definitely and completely respect your personal privacy. You have the right to know how we use your personal information collected during the process of ordering. We will protect and keep your information as confidentiality unquestionably; all of your personal information would only be applied for the purposes of purchasing order process, delivery, payment and newsletter. No resell, rent nor transfer to other company in any conditions.



Contact sales, customer services, technical support

endeavored to improve the quality of our services, provide the most accurate, up-to-date and detailed information. We will respond to your question as soon as possible. To contact sales or customer service:


Call:  +86-755-82945604